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Rebuilding a Collection

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 13:30
by Fozzie
OK, after a long time off, and after a reasonable evening out of my financial world,I've decided to recollect my entie childhood AF collection, which I idiotically destroyed due to being an imbecile.

Thing is, and this really is idiot level stuff, where does one start?I'll say at this point, I'm an opener (leaving things on cards and in boxes is a crime and should be punishable by a £10 fine), so loose is what I'm looking for, but are there any tips on fair prices, sources, best practice, etc?

In particular, is there any good source for loose spare bits for repairs. I have a bid in on an item on Ebay at the moment, but it is missing one part. :laser:

I appreciate this is a deeply nebulous question, but any and all advice accepted.

Thanks. :levi2:

Re: Rebuilding a Collection

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 14:05
by OllyOrc
Having recently been in same situation I naturally started off collecting all loose, as found it hard (at that time) to comprehend spending the money on cards and boxes. However, collecting is a strange addiction and after I completed the loose collection I found myself yearning for MOC and Boxed items. I spent way too much on the loose collection that would have been better spent on quality MOC/Boxed items.

Therefore my humble advice is to only buy 1 of each loose and not army build (even though it looks really cool) and save your money for the inevitable MOC/Boxes purchases. I also learnt that buying partial items is not cost effective and purchasing tatty boxes or ones with missing inserts is a false economy (as I had no patience to wait for better ones to appear), as my inner collector will make me replace them with better ones.

eBay has been my source for the majority of items but my best ones (prices and rarity) have come from community members on this Forum and Facebook groups. Their kind advice and help has been invaluable and check out the spares and wants sections.

Good luck!


Re: Rebuilding a Collection

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 23:35
by Chopper
Similar boat, same answers as Olly. I have a complete loose collection, vehicles and figures, and just been buying the odd MOC or MIB from time to time. TBH I don't think I will ever go too far with the carded stuff it is just too cost prohibitive being in Australia. You won't have the same kind of issues though.

If you are going loose and want a good cheap option just buy lots and piece things together. The rarer stuff is not worth buying incomplete as you will never finish them off. But, it is a great deal of fun putting together that Skystriker, Duke figure or Skip figure etc when you just scored 5 job lots.

I envy you, now that my collection is pretty much done I've got a bit stale. There is always Action Man though. ;-)

Re: Rebuilding a Collection

Posted: 09 Dec 2017 16:38
by The Baron
You can always give me your collection, Chop. Happy to help.

Re: Rebuilding a Collection

Posted: 09 Dec 2017 17:18
by Fozzie
Thanks for the replies, I think I'll keep track here of what I've got so far.


A Laser Exterminator, minus the control panel (anyone know of a good source for loose bits?)


Neither of which I ever had in the first place. Epic fail at 'rebuiliding'...

:sparrow: :laser: