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Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 14:19
by Newswseller
Coosbay_pirate wrote:Says the man who admitted to coming second to a £3400 auction on vectis, chasing a Deep Six painted in Q Force colours..
Newswseller wrote:very nice..

Off topic rant :-p

Ironically when people say things are going for silly money, I see the same 3 highest bidders on ebay each time (paying the silly money) :-)

In no particular order: Cossbay_pirate, LDR and Boonsart... if you 3 came to some sort of gentleman's agreement then prices wouldn't be so silly... your just outbidding each other all the time haha
guilty as charged for a moment of sheer madness... i wasn't having a moan at current prices though.. you 3 usually outbid me anyway, but that's life, just makes it cheaper the 3rd or 4th time it shows up hopefully :welcome:

p.s. still awaiting your message on the item i was kind enough to be holding for you while you were away.................

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 15:30
by Coosbay_pirate
It's all madness.. :)

I assumed as you'd posted it on here for trade that it was no longer exclusively on hold to me. I've actually aquired one today, cheers.

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 16:13
by Newswseller
Coosbay_pirate wrote:It's all madness.. :)

I assumed as you'd posted it on here for trade that it was no longer exclusively on hold to me. I've actually aquired one today, cheers.
To be fair I only posted it on here after i learned you had during the period that i was exclusively holding it for you (because you were out of the country), contacted the person who i had purchased them off and made a deal (a trade i may add that was not even close to being fair, poor Tom), but obviously I did not hear any of that from you :-) .. the circle of collectors is very small.. please remember this..

Sorry for the off topic folks.. i'll get off the soapbox now :soapbox:

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 18:41
by Coosbay_pirate
You listed your item for trade here before the item I now have had even shipped let alone been received, nothing was certain... You had the inside scoop on my private business, good for you, you could have just checked with me.

The item I have received today was put out there for trade on a forum to all and everyone who's signed up to it, I did the natural thing and asked the question.

With regards to your comment that the deal wasn't even close to being fair.. I certainly don't appreciate your suggestion that I've ripped someone off! Don't try and slur my name because I chose to trade with someone else... The Deal was suggested by the seller against items I had plus cash and not by me, the total of the goods plus cash amounted to more than you paid (I have info also) and so I believe it was a very fair deal as I actually reduced the valuation of my items to complete, both parties are happy.

I recall cutting you a fair price on a MOC Firefly to help with your series 3 collection, a better price than can likely be found then and now, In addition I said I'd let you know if I found other figures you're after to help, and I also offered you a MIB sealed contents Red Laser picture box but you said you had one.. but actually you didn't... ??

You're right the circle of collectors is very small and I certainly wouldn't go on a forum and moan, laugh at and point the finger about others because I'm frustrated I didn't get what I bid for.. especially as they could be the very folks who have items they might trade with me someday.

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 19:17
by Newswseller
I'm not sure how two common AF figures (Stalker and Airbourne) plus a little cash comes close to a near mint unused boxed ATT Blitz buggy, I believe you valued your items somewhat too highly since these are routinely under £40 each. I don't believe Tom was aware of their value but he did get these ATT for next to nothing, so he wasn't to worried about it. A definite score for yourself though.

With the ATT deal i found your behaviour to be very backhanded (plenty of time to work another deal, and just keep me waiting) and i doubt you would have bothered to message me to say you no longer wanted it. Remember i came to you first with this and didn't even offer it around to anyone else directly. Nothing wrong with getting a better deal elsewhere just be honest and don't keep someone in the lurch.

Yes the firefly, you did reduce it down to £125 which i consider to be slightly more than its worth even now, lees toy review had 3 on auction on ebay a month or so before i purchased yours (but i wasn't collecting AF at that time so didn't bid on them) which went for considerably less than i paid you. But don't make like somethings a great deal because your high price was knocked down to a more normal price.

Yes the red laser, you offered it to my friend for £300 and i told him it was too much (as in a previous post i made i had seen them go for under £100 on ebay fr), so i told him imho £200 would be a better price since it was in hand..... A week or so later you offered it to me for £350.. i politely declined with the excuse i already had one, rather than making a fuss and asking why it was £50 more expensive to myself. Like i said its a really small set of collectors.

Good luck with the rest of your collecting, i just wont be dealing with you in the future. live and learn.

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 22:55
by Coosbay_pirate
Airborne MOC in my opinion is not a common figure or routinely available, I valued him at £90 (which I've actually paid just recently) and Stalker at £40. You were sold a MISB ATT Blitz for €375, which I was ready to pay but the seller wanted a part trade and I paid €250 cash plus 2 MOC figures which are worth in my opinion €145, so a total of €395 was paid by me... it could be seen that the seller got Airborne for £18 less = £72. Also the seller went away and asked others about the figures I had so someone else who he trusts has a similar opinion as me on price. As stated the seller decided the cash amount which in my opinion given the value of the figures (which were adjusted) is a fair and similar deal if not more than your purchase.

We didn't have a deal on the ATT?? You proposed me a trade for a MISB box item only, I was interested but at the time couldn't be sure of the vehicles I had in my collection that I'd be comfortable to let go as I was away travelling and my collection isn't to hand when at home either, and yes I did ask if you would hold it till I could check which you were very good to do so, but it's on hold, it's not a done deal and I had the right to take it off hold. On return from my travels at the weekend the other ATT became available and I enquired and did a deal with that person on the Sunday as it was a more suitable deal for my spares and cash, on the same day you offered your item out for trade releasing it from hold, you knew of the deal I'd done which was not known to me at the time so you made the correct decision to offer your ATT out but don't accuse me of being underhanded when that's not what has happened here when I don't know you'd learned of my deal so quickly, how could I? You weren't left in the lurch as you listed your item here for trade very soon after I'd completed my deal, which I saw and there was no need to discuss it after you'd done so.

The Firefly's being sold by Lees Toys you mention that went for less than you paid actually had faults listed and so Lees Toys let them run on an auction, the price Lees Toys has had a Firelfy up for sometime in the same condition until very recently was around £160 and it's now sold.. so someone thinks it's worth that. Mine was originally valued at £150 so £125 for a Firefly is in my opinion a very decent price for a rare and desirable figure.

I did originally have the Red Laser picture box up for £300 yes and your offer of £200 through your friend was way off the mark and I couldn't accept the offer from your friend. I did readjust the price (not just to you exclusively) as I felt that actually it was worth that bit more, especially given the condition it was in and how the prices for AF had/have suddenly shot up, I was actually looking for a trade or part trade in reality which I achieved and again both parties were happy with the deal.

It's a bit rich to moan at me for finding goods at one price (less than true value) and then asking another (true value) when you're doing the same.. You've currently listed 3 German Mocs on ebay for far more than you paid and you've offered me a proto German Shadow Trak for £1K which given you're response at being asked if you paid an arm and leg for it then you didn't pay any where near that, I don't value it at that price (but that's my opinion like you have yours). It is Ironic how you've also called out Boonsart for doing the same as you on ebay. You've moaned at others for paying crazy prices as you call it but that's other peoples prerogative if they want that particular item just that bit more than the next person. It sounds like you want everything cheap and to sell at the highest price.. that would be the ideal world for everyone. Do you really think I believe when I buy a rare item from another member/seller that every time they're just passing it on to me at the same price they paid.. that'd be naive, you yourself have said the guy I bought the ATT from got them all for peanuts. I pay what I think something is worth and others do the same I'm sure.

You haven't sold/traded and certainly done me any favours to date so it's going to be no loss I imagine. Like you say it's a small world of collectors so best to not moan, call out names, laugh and point fingers at, it's not a good etiquette in my opinion.

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 21 Oct 2016 09:15
by LDR
Coosbay_pirate wrote:Says the man who admitted to coming second to a £3400 auction on vectis, chasing a Deep Six painted in Q Force colours..
Haha...i'd never go THAT mental.

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 21 Oct 2016 11:12
by OllyOrc
Just curious to gauge how mental we would all be prepared to bid for Bob's pre-production resin Roboskull, if it was to one day appear. £1000 would be my max but only due to lack of funds and a potentially angry wife, hehe


Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 21 Oct 2016 16:22
by The Kraken Wakes
At times im glad im somewhat socially inept and not part of the inner circle of wheelers and dealers.

Re: AF Ground Assault Prototype

Posted: 21 Oct 2016 16:57
by wolforrest
I have been out of the game far too long, looking at these prices I sold all my stuff to you guys for far to little :-D
Love a bit of handbags too, may I suggest pistols at dawn?

I use to get most of my rarer stuff from Boonsart for £20 - £30 and now he lists them at £300, is it due to Brexit?