Attack Trooper Variant

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Attack Trooper Variant

Postby Hopper » 28 Jun 2015 17:51

As per usual... another pile from ebay, another close sort through, and another unexpected discovery.

Actually, I had brought the pile for a single figure... which it turns out I already had anyway - annoyed with myself.

Anyway, this turned up.

An Attack Trooper. Classically Second Wave, in fact the type fossil on which the second wave is based... except this guy ain't!

First glance he's the same. Certainly same mould, but...
Soft plastic (i.e. not hard, Second Wave, stuff)
Crappier paint (the logo, which is almost see-through, and the dagger slap-dash painted, i.e not to the edges with care and attention as per Second Wave)
Non-staring eyes of the First Wave variety (compare with Second Wave staring eyes.)

Photos attached (as always, Type 1 - in this case First Wave - is on the left, Type 2 on the right.)

Interesting, but I suspect that there is a First Wave type for all of the Second Wave figures - a brief run before going full on.

Just sharing the knowledge... enjoy, or ignore as you wish!
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