SAS Squad Leader - Variant

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SAS Squad Leader - Variant

Postby Hopper » 14 Jun 2015 18:38

Going through a pile of figures I won recently and came across this I had never seen before in all the many hundreds of the sods I have had.

The body is the same, but is made from the classic Second Wave harder plastic that doesn't bend as easily (the Doofus Shadow for example).
He also has the classic Second Wave staring eyes.

However, it is the arms that are a clear giveaway, the hands in particular.
In the regular squad leader the bent arm hand is flat, and close against the body, almost flat against it.
The new type is wide open, exactly like that in all the other bent arm Second Wave figures (see ... es/006.jpg for example)

This makes me slightly nervous as to how many remaining Second Wave figures have yet to be found... i.e., which figures do we not yet have Second Wave versions? I feel certain we are missing some.

Because he is Second Wave, I can only assume that they would have sorted the nipple/amorphous blob issue with the gas mask, so we now have three SAS Squad Leaders:

Squad Leader T1 Defined face mask, nipple on end
Squad Leader T2 Amorphous face mask, no nipple.
Squad Leader T3 Hard plastic, open hand.

Here are some (bad) photographs.
SAS Type 1 & 3.jpg
SAS Type 1 & 3.jpg (77.02 KiB) Viewed 13837 times
SAS Annual Sponsored Swim.jpg
SAS Annual Sponsored Swim.jpg (64.26 KiB) Viewed 13837 times
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