Space Force - Engineer - Variant

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Space Force - Engineer - Variant

Postby Hopper » 12 Apr 2015 18:06

Behold, the Type 2 Space Force Engineer.

Very difficult to tell apart!

The two are identical, except:
In Type 1, the plastic is the regular, soft, type, whereas Type 2 uses the hard kind, the Second Wave type.
Also consistent with this being a Second Wave release is the white paint. In Type 1, it is more pale, watery, see-through, whereas Type 2, it is thicker, more white, less see-through. Generally, also, the paint work is to a better standard - straighter lines, etc.

This trend to better quality paint, in particular the whites, is noticeable in all Second Wave figures.
Type 2 is definitely Second Wave.

Here is the photo - Type 1 on the left, Type 2 on the right.
Space - Engineer.jpg
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