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Some thoughts on figures, and some questions.

Posted: 06 Jul 2014 19:08
by Hopper
Any chance any of you kind folk out there could have a look in your collections for the following figures:

Red Vulture – the doofus version (Type 2)
Space Force Commander – orange booted version (Type 2)
Baron Ironblood – black hand, round hand version, not flat hands.

As I’m not 100% convinced they exist!
The orange boot commander does, but does anyone else have one, or is it, as I suspect, a Friday afternoon special (*the legs from Moondancer stuck onto a Commander figure*… “Yeah, mines another pint of mild cheers Frank”), and I have never seen a Doofus Vulture, not even a photograph. Ditto with Ironblood.

Also, what do people think about both the newly discovered face mask variant of SAS Squad Leader, and the Kraken Type 2.
Are these truly variants? Or the rapid frothings of a variant obsessed geek?