Who needs Z Force ATC replacement decals?

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The Kraken Wakes
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Re: Who needs Z Force ATC replacement decals?

Postby The Kraken Wakes » 08 Oct 2014 23:27

so, not to try and scupper anything and hope this doesnt upset anyone but as people are struggling to make this work thought id post this. did hold off for quite a while to see what happened.

i have retouched individual atc sticker images for the atc set which i used to replace the odd sticker on originals and to redesign for custom swf and z medic atcs. i can print off onto waterslide decal sheets if anyone wants any? when printed and applied they look pretty much like palitoy originals and depending on what versions of the images i use they can even look like they have a bit of wear to them to match existing stickers (assuming not all on your atc srickers need to be replaced) can bring some to rorc if anyone is intereted in having a look see.
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The Black Major
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Re: Who needs Z Force ATC replacement decals?

Postby The Black Major » 09 Oct 2014 00:23

I'm still in for a set if they do get done, even at that price. As Flophouse pointed, if it's that or nothing, it's gotta be done.
navy viper
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Re: Who needs Z Force ATC replacement decals?

Postby navy viper » 10 Oct 2014 09:27

I'm terribly sorry to have missed this for so long, BUT COUNT ME IN FOR 2 SETS @ 17.00 GBP I've made comment on other threads in different forums, but I'll go public & make a request for 2 sets of reproduction ATC decals . I have to agree with the others, if its about spending more & getting what I need or going cheap & doing with out - I'm all for spending !! even when that's my entire toy budget for a whole month !! but at least I'll have stickers for that SAS ATC I started last year !! -and never did anything with :+(
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Re: Who needs Z Force ATC replacement decals?

Postby Flophouse » 12 Oct 2014 17:59

So that's 5 confirmed at the higher £17 cost.

The Black Major x1
Flophouse x1
Buddusky x1
Navy Viper x2

How about the other guys? Yay or nay?

Humby248 x?
Dominic.18 x?
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Cockney W@nker
Cockney W@nker
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Re: Who needs Z Force ATC replacement decals?

Postby humby248 » 16 Oct 2014 10:11

Sorry guys I'm going to have to drop out. This is a fair price for them but I try to keep my costs for customs down (which is what I was going to use it for) as I sell them. I love the concept stage, the sourcing and the building but it always disapoints me when I take a hit on a custom as I've put so much work into it. I think that the idea of holding off till roll call might be a good one as orders maybe picked up there for them.
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Squad Leader
The Eagle Has Landed
The Eagle Has Landed
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Re: Who needs Z Force ATC replacement decals?

Postby Squad Leader » 19 Oct 2014 15:53

The £17 is steep i know as i wouldn't want to pay that much myself and i really want to do these at the original price so if anybody has ideas for logo sticker packs they would like created I will make a separate post in this section for you to add your thoughts. This way i could add these to the run as there will be a thin strip of space left on the sheet so these could be added then sold separately which will help bring down the price of the ATC sheet to the original cost.


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