Bob Brechin answered my question

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Bob Brechin answered my question

Postby atomicjay » 01 Mar 2013 03:37

I just started reading through the Q&A with Bob Brechin, and he answered my question.

070) Was there a reason that Baron Ironblood's head is molded after the 12" Action Man head? Perhaps some revenge for the toy line being shrunk down in size?

Baron’s head is the same head as the Officer from Year 1 which was moulded to look like Action Man.

Well he kinda answered it.
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Re: Bob Brechin answered my question

Postby The Baron » 01 Mar 2013 14:55

Yeah, we pretty much already knew that ;) There were only a handful of generic heads used and reused throughout the 1982 range, and they all bore the same face, hair and eye paint and distinctive Action Man cheek scar.

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