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Unproduced GI Joe Extreme toys

Posted: 12 Jun 2019 07:18
by Road Bullet
So we know that there were some unproduced Extreme toys based on pictures on the toy card backs and some samples that have appeared in collections. Wreckage and Mayday come to mind. But currently there are some more examples, maybe new examples, that have shown up on that famous/infamous auction website we all love and hate.

I have personally never seen these or heard of them before now. They are out of Hong Kong with high price tags. Figures are prototypes of Metalhead w/snowboard, Silencer, and Tracker w/wolf Lakota. Not sure how many Extreme fans are out there who care, but this discovery has me scratching my head... and drooling!

Does anyone know anything about these three prototypes? After all this time how are these just seeing the light of day? Not sure if linking to auctions is permitted so I’ll leave that alone. This has brought me out of hiding as I haven’t posted in ages.

Re: Unproduced GI Joe Extreme toys

Posted: 25 May 2020 04:52
by jamarmiller
sucks I missed this info. was there any pics anyone ever saved ? would have loved to see some

Re: Unproduced GI Joe Extreme toys

Posted: 18 Aug 2020 00:46
by Road Bullet
Sadly, I didn’t save the photos from eBay. Currently there are some regular figure prototypes on there.

If I was still enthusiastic about collecting I might’ve shelled out some money for at least one of those figures.