12'' Cobra Commander video review

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Knowing isss half the battle
Knowing isss half the battle
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12'' Cobra Commander video review

Postby DAMartin » 14 Jul 2009 14:03

This is a video review by somebody called MisterClown01

I brought the video here to point the uncanny similitude between this :cobracommander: and No Face, so the idea was to put it in the "Action Man" category, but I guess most people will prefer to talk about :cobracommander: himself, so I put it here.

Well, the thing I wanted to point is that he is very similar to the Action Man figure No Face, who is also a disfigured guy. He has similar pants, raincoat and weapon. The things that made me know (and knowing is half the review) he wasn't a straight repaint were the new engineering of the hands and the normal, non-disfigured back.
:cobracommander: "You were engineered with such potential, Serpentor. But you lack the most important DNA of all... mine."
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Re: 12'' Cobra Commander video review

Postby steve2477 » 22 Sep 2009 13:49

Cool review, its a shame Hasbro couldnt make a brand new figure, instead of using an AM figure.

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