HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

For all the conversation that has nothing to do with anything!
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I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
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HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby jamarmiller » 25 Oct 2008 07:45

I received this in an e-mail today and thought everyone should see it. Id like to add a few things to it but bottom line the e-mail says it all.

great site for news but thats about it.

I know our very own Shogi is a mod over there and all and we owe Shogi a lot on getting the coloring project started so this is in NO WAY a slight against him.

New announcement: HI$$TANK.COM‏
From: JoeCanuck.com (email@joecanuck.com)
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2008 1:34:20 AM
To: jamarmiller@hotmail.com

Got this email from someone today about his posting of the newest issue of the JoeCanuck.com Newsletter (#10) at Hi$$Tank.com

Just to let you know. We are not allowed to advertise unsponsored sites, in referring to your Joe Canuck thread...You will not be infracted but this is a warning...

Eh? JoeCanuck isn't selling anything, though. They're just another fansite that provides service to the fan... no money changing hands or anything.
How is that violating any rules?

It provides a service in which the service is information and such. It draws members from here and in fact is breaking the rules. HissTank members are not allowed to post links to any GI Joe news, online retailer, etc, that is not a sponsor...

HissTank Staff...

So, please do not supply any links to HissTank.com from this site anymore. Yes, I know we're no where near as big as HissTank.com, but I'm not eager about allowing links to a site that doesn't promote the hobby and toyline of GI Joe without them receiving monetary compensation. You don't start a fan site to make money from the fans, you do it for the love of the line and/or hobby.

JoeCanuck.com was made for Canadians first and foremost since sites like Hi$$Tank and YoJoe don't seem to cater to us Canucks. The newsletter does draw some new members to our site - but mainly Canadian members that would love to know when new releases are coming out in their own country. This immature action of HissTank.com shows it's owners true colours, and in doing so, leaves a blemish on the hobby of GI Joe online.

I'd like to thank all the sites that DO promote the JoeCanuck.com newsletter every month. You show that you support GI Joe and the hobby without something to "gain" from it. Thank you.

You have my full permission to post this thread in any links, forums, blogs, or such, just please include a return url back to this thread so people may have their own say on the matter.
Thank you,
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The Baron
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World Enemy No. 1
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby The Baron » 25 Oct 2008 15:01

Hmm, I've posted plenty of links to BFTB projects at Hisstank before. I suspect there's more going on here than meets the eye.
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I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby jamarmiller » 25 Oct 2008 15:35

that could definately be true!!! but its earily similiar to pms that I have gotten from them when posting stuff for this site.
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The Kraken Wakes
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby The Kraken Wakes » 25 Oct 2008 16:34

Maybe they just dont like you jamar ;-)
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby Flint » 25 Oct 2008 16:41

Thanks for saving me the time of posting this, Jamar. I told Mike I would if someone didn't beat me to it.
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby chad_ghost » 26 Oct 2008 03:00

I've posted this at army4One.com as well. What they are doing is not good for the community, and we need to step up together and show them that we will not stand for it.
Crimson Rage
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby Crimson Rage » 26 Oct 2008 12:23

I stopped posting there a while back. There are plenty of great people but, as usual, the few soured the experience for me. People who can't post without saying "suck" or "movie junk" and who basically can't differentiate between 'different' and 'bad'. Add to that people calling me 'misguided', 'deluded' and 'foolish' for being optimistic about the Joe movie, people critcising me for the figures I choose to like and even having my signiture insulted... It became a chore to post there. My "ignore list" was huge!

I visit for news and that's it. I'm far better off here when it comes to fourms!
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby Space Commander » 27 Oct 2008 19:28

You have my sympathies, Crimson. I was sorely tempted to name and shame the websites I used to visit until they were swamped by @r$£h0!£$... but I decided that if I did that, some of them might find out and come here to ruin this website, too! I'm just glad there are so many friendlies here, and if anyone ever disagrees with you they don't just attack you like some kind of jerk.

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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby RedKat » 27 Oct 2008 21:57

this came down from Tony B. from hisstank
Hey Everyone,

I was alerted to some things that were posted here and around the net today regarding links to other sites. I would like to clarify things to our members so that no confusion occurs as to whats allowed and why.

We do not allow threads to be started solely for the purpose of promoting any website, contest, store etc. This is done for several reasons, and is done on TFW2005.com as well. The reasons are as follows.

This is a community, we are trying to build a place where folks can come and enjoy the content and fellow fans here. If threads exist solely for the fact of sending them elsewhere, that is counter productive. That's a semi-selfish point of view, but part of community building IMO.

However, we understand that there is a world, and Joe fandom, outside of Hisstank. So, in order to balance out the development of the Hisstank community with this fact, the way we encourage others to promote their sites/stores/etc, is to put links to them in their signatures. By posting in threads constructively, properly, and often, you are able to alert the fans to your sites and projects, it's a free billboard. This is allowed for other Joe sites, other non-Joe sites, or stores. That gets them exposure, and our community grows with the postings.

There is a stipulation here which I think is the cause of all the drama, sponsors. Fans may start threads discussing the sponsors which help support this site. Since they are kind enough to do this, we allow the extra "pimping" by them or for them in the form of threads.

I hope that helps clear things up. If folks still don't dig it, then there isn't much I can say or do. But thems the rules.



Hehe, ok, I guess I need to be more clear, since there seems to be some sort of riot going on around the net.

Links to other Joe sites, other news sites, etc IS ALLOWED, if done in the course of normal discussion here on Hisstank.


Thread: USS Flagg variantz!

--I have a Flagg variantz, yay!

--Me too, but my part is black, not gray!

--Hey look at the pic on YoJoe.com -> (Link to Flagg Entry). I guess the regular version is gray!
This is completely fine.

In the course of regular back and forth about a topic already being discussed, a site is linked to for reference, pointing out new/different info, that is 100% fine and allowed.

This has always been the case here. You can see examples here:

Links to YoJoe.com
Possible Upcoming Wave!!
Wave 9 Card Back
Ninja-Ku(Black Storm Shadow) Army builder or one person?
2003 Spy Troops Venom Cycle Tread Fire repaints
25th Anniversary Skystriker (Tiger Force)

Links to ToyNewsI.com
Upcoming Target battle pack Stalker
Updated Wave 7 (Hasbro Wave 3 2008) Images
New He-Man line

Links to JoeCanuck.com
Joe Meet in Hamilton, Ontario. Some Hasbro news.
Some Light Humor: Unlikey GI Joes
Canadian JoeMeet "Snowbank" figure has filecard by Larry Hama!
1986 Viper / TRU Viper Army Building...

Links to Multiple other websites
Hasbro's G.I. JOE Q&A Round One 2008 ANSWERS

You just can't start threads specificly to "PIMP YOUR/ANYONES ISH". Some people may not know the difference, that's fine, that's what mods are for.

Regarding news type posts. If YoJoe, JoeCanuck, CobraIsland, TNI, etc get news, that is not posted here on Hisstank, such as new images, interviews with industry folks, etc, then linking to them is allowed. We may even do so on our front page, and link to them for it. If it's news, and excluisve to them, then all links are on so to speak.

If we at Hisstank have the same news posted on our front page, since it was not "exclusive" to another site, whether it be before or after the other site's posting, we will redirect people to view the news at our site, and discuss at our site. That's part of site building, some or all other sites listed here do exactly the same thing.

TNI isn't going link to us for images Hasbro also sent them - just because we were 10 minutes first. And vice versa. Part of the game, completely fine. And both sites, of course, want their community to discuss this info at their site, to build their community. Also completely understandable.

What is disallowed, is the starting of a thread for the sole purpose of promoting another website, whether it be something like "Yay, look at this site" or "Yay, this site updated with non-news content". If a fan who doesn't know the difference does it - no harm no foul - mods will address the issue on a case by case basis. That's what they are for.

So to wrap up, links to these other sites, any of them or others not mentioned, ARE ALLOWED, HAVE BEEN ALLOWED, and will continue to be within these guidelines.


Regardless of their treatment of our site within their own communities.

I will try to clarify if there are still issues. Just be patient.
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we make em you break em
we make em you break em
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Re: HI$$TANK.COM‏ Announcement from our friends at joecanuck.com

Postby paul463 » 27 Oct 2008 22:07

My response to these people would be simple..... two words "Smoke me!" They really need to get over themselves!

Like Crimson I'm looking forward to the film too. I never understand people over analysing films. To me its a couple of hours immersing yourself in movie land and also Baroness in tight leather!
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