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Battle Action Force Comics, Summer Specials and Annuals

Posted: 22 Jul 2017 14:47
by Diamond
I have an almost complete collection of Battle Action Force, Battle & Eagle comics from the 1980s. We’re about to move house and they must go.
    Battle Action Force comic series from 22 October 1983 through to 4 March 1989. This was complete, but following other house moves I am now missing the period 28 December 1985 to 15 March 1986.
    ('Battle Action Force’ comics ran from October 1983 to December 1986; It became 'Battle' from Dec '86 to Jan ’87 then became 'Battle with Storm Force'until Jan ’88. The title then changed to ‘The Eagle & Battle' from Jan ’88 to Jun ’88 when it became ‘The Eagle’ until that also merged with the Mask comic to become ‘The Eagle & Mask’ from Oct '88)
      3 x Battle Action Force Holiday Specials (not dated)
        2 x Battle Holiday Specials
          1 x Eagle Holiday Special
            3 x Warlord Summer Specials
              1 x Victor Summer Special

              In addition I have editions 1-8 of All Action Monthly from 1987 and an odd copy of Battle & Valiant from 20 November 1976. There are also a handful of odd trial and preview comics; 'Starcom' and 'Wildcat.’
              I also have the annuals for the same period.

              If you're interested, please drop me a line.