Yay! I just finished reading the B.A.F. series!

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The Baron
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World Enemy No. 1
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Postby The Baron » 11 Sep 2004 17:50

Utter incredulity. I'm saving The Ewok Adventure for a very rainy day...
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Space Force
Space Force
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Postby seaneley » 12 Sep 2004 22:13

Yeah... but do you have the "Star Wars Holiday Special"? Now that's a keeper! Bwah-hah-hah! :points:
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I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
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Re: Yay! I just finished reading the B.A.F. series!

Postby jamarmiller » 18 Sep 2007 13:56

seaneley wrote:The only thing I've missed reading is a couple of Holiday Specials and 1 annual. (But the Baron has that covered on this very web-site! :wink: )

Huge! That's all I can say about B.A.F.! The Cobra terrorists were much more believable and frightening in this series than in the U.S. Marvel one! (The words "fool" and "scum" were used a little bit much, but hey, this is a comic after all!) The writers knew how to use infantry and artillery! Wow! You never knew why they existed in the American comic (which is probably why they appeared only a score of times in the title.). I really felt like there was a depth to this series that wasn't covered in the U.S. series (former and current). The only thing to come close was the animated series...

My regrets: I will probably never see the Black Major have a final confrontation between Cobra Commander and Destro. :major: :cobracommander: :destro: Red Wolf and Moondancer will never have a last battle. :wolf: / :redwolf2: :moondancer2: We'll never see the return appearances of the Kraken and the Mutons. :kraken: :muton: (They only had one appearance each! Huh?) We'll never see what Skeletron / the Skeletrons is / are. :skeletron: I'll never see Kiwi in space, using that cool bionic hand of his. :kiwi: There's probably a lot more! (sigh) :(

Overall - just a fantastic "ride"! Thanks, Jonesy! I loved every minute of it! :!:

great great series for sure! really sad that even though these stories and characters were so good that we havent seen reprints of this awesome comic and exspecially in color

Seems to me that Europe should tkke some pride in this as its distinctly YOURS!

sign the petition seaneley! we need you back around these boards

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