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Battle AF grit in the joe universe

Posted: 07 Jul 2008 13:28
by barto
I'm reading some of my marvel action force comics at the moment and came across this story:

Its in issue 40 and is a reprint of a joe special mission ( It got me thinking about the types of story I really like from the 'action force universe'. This particular one see's a bunch of joes parachute into the jungel and set up an ambush, it's got a little a bit of that BAF grit. I always liked/like the stories that had/have that touch of "military realism". I don't know why but it reminded me of some of my fave baf stories, the two that spring to mind:

codename beaver
operation claymoor

Of the deveils due stuff I've read to date I've realy liked icebound from the frontlines series and the general vibe and mystery surrounding dukes black ops past in americas elite...

I'm rambling here, but basically I wondered if any one has any recommendations for similar stories that I've forgotten about or never found/read that have that grittiness (mixed in with the usual ironblood bond villian type lunacy).... or maybe folk just have similar rambling thoughts about why they like particular stories...

Re: Battle AF grit in the joe universe

Posted: 15 Aug 2008 13:18
by barto
OK I'll assume no-one has a clue what I'm on about!

I'll try again, some common elements in my fave stories;

1. decent 'believable' mission (e.g. beaver's cousin being found dead with a message for action force at the start of codename beaver)

2. realistic-ish military operating procedure (that sounds a bit anal I suppose but hopefully someone'll get what I mean)

3. some hints at character or organisation background (but not the whole story based around it, generally what I think of as the weaker Joe stuff tends to over egg this stuff)

So anyone got any suggestion for stories with good examples of the above?

Re: Battle AF grit in the joe universe

Posted: 15 Aug 2008 21:52
by Destro
There was a good story arc that lasted quite a while in the joe issue 60's with Stalker, Quick Kick, Snow Job and Outback undercover in Borovia before being caught.

It was too late in the series for the AF comics but was reprinted in Transformers (haven't got a clue of the issue numbers though)

Re: Battle AF grit in the joe universe

Posted: 22 Aug 2008 19:31
by Quickfire
In comparison to BAF true grit from the Pampas to the Sahara etc. even Op Mule in Oman with :sas: v :firefly:, some of the Larry Hama stuff from Joe passed muster, esp. the silent sequence when :snakeeyes: HALO-ed in for :scarlett:, then the whole :snakeeyes: :afstalker: :storm: 'Nam epic. But that was but backstory... <sigh>