Desert Strike - A classic revisited **includes spoilers**

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Desert Strike - A classic revisited **includes spoilers**

Postby steve » 01 Jan 1970 01:00

Rereading Desert Strike for the first time in almost twenty years, I was struck by the ambitious scale and scope of the story. 8)

Some of the things are laughable, recovering a sunken Harrier from the bottom of the ocean and it working afterwards is a bit far fetched :roll: , but in general most of the story does work really well.

All in all a thoroughly good read, and a rip roaring good old fashioned War Story! :lol:

Even the supporting (expendable) characters were well developed, especially Sergeant Flash York, and his heroic decoy action.

Overall 9/10
It's good to be back

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I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
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Postby jamarmiller » 18 Sep 2007 14:04

meertoh wrote:Steve, you forgot to mention the excellent art by Vanyo, the my opinion THE best artist ever to draw AF!

I couldnt agree with you more! vanyo is awesome what ever happened to him ? is he retired now? still working ?? hes better than a lot of the current comic book artist working on GI JOE here in the US

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