July issue of the GI JOE CLUB

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July issue of the GI JOE CLUB

Postby jamarmiller » 23 Jul 2010 08:56

July issue of the GI JOE CLUB

This is was probably the best issue I have seen so far

Best cover, a wicked cover of Storm Shadow version 2 by Greg Williams BUT.............
it has nothing to do with the interiors, its too bad they couldnt have done SOMETHING to make the cover relevant to the interiors

Nice behind the scenes interview with the designer of the comic con Sgt Slaughter figure , which is happening now, so it makes the review , timing wise , really appropriate

History of the BBQ figure, which was incredibly boring for me

If your into Dioramas for 12 inch Action Man, then they got this "making of" article that is really really cool

Highlight again for me was the Data file and the Big Lob Comic, nice one page continuing story, sucks that its only one page though and ALWAYS on the freaking back of the comic

Best of the issues I have received so far, but still a very lacking publication

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