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May issue of the GI JOE CLUB

Posted: 21 May 2010 05:13
by jamarmiller
Okay so got the May issue of the Joe club magazine today

here is my thoughts

Loving the one page big lob comic, but wishing it was like 3-4 pages
Best cover yet IMVHO as its all new art of an AT member and I like new art
Profile of Road

interesting article on the AT team and Thomas wheeler does another article on the many different figures of ( this month Kamakura ) which Im starting to enjoy.

I got to wonder though, why they arent doing things like a comic that basically pushes the sales of their toys more.

They should have had Big Lob joining up with the convention toys and fighting the red shadows or the AT team toys fighting Dr. Venom and have the red shadows and Big lob join the fun later.

They need to sell those toys so why not.

In the end I know the answer, Money but some advertising by continuing the adventures of the convention toys might have helped