Comics for 2013: "Duties as Assigned!"

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Comics for 2013: "Duties as Assigned!"

Postby seaneley » 28 Aug 2013 14:55

Immediately picking up where the last story ended: Footloose leaves Burma and arrives in the United States to be debriefed by Hawk. Afterwards, Hawk contacts Skip (!) of Z-Force to be appraised of the current situation in the Southampton moors. Skip reveals that the Nano-B.A.T.s are running amok throughout England and not even missile attacks or EMP weapons can slow them down! Skip shows video footage of Steeler (from Z-Force) and his tank ("the goddess") backing away from the androids as they reassemble themselves over and over. Skip also has discovered that someone with unauthorized access has gained entry to the Action Force HQ database using Agent Natalie Poole's laptop. She is still missing.
On the positive side, the Japanese scientists rescued in Burma have swiftly created a high-caliber bullet believed to be capable of disrupting the Nano-B.A.T.s' regenerative abilities. Hawk has already dispatched a specialized Joe team to take care of the problem in England.
Elsewhere, at the secret Cobra base in England, Interrogator and the brainwashed Natalie Poole congratulate the B.A.T. scientist, Hot Wire, for using the nanotechnology from Massachusetts to upgrade the androids to their newer, indestructible state. Interrogator reveals that Action Man's girlfriend has been able to access a specific map from AF HQ when she used her laptop. It shows where an abandoned Red Shadows' base is located!
6 hours later, on the border between Norway and Sweden, a boat of Nano-B.A.T.s are deposited on the North Sea shore. They blow open the door to the Red Shadow base.
Off the coast of England, Wild Bill pilots the special team of G.I. Joes (consisting of Barrel Roll and Grunt) and the only crate of their new "nano-disrupter rounds" in the G.I. Joe C-130. The airborne duo parachutes inland, but get separated from their drop box of ordnance. Quarrel, Jammer and Gaucho are still on location, and hook up with Barrel Roll and his partner. The high-caliber bullet in the sniper's rifle quickly takes out a nearby B.A.T. and it deactivates. The team then head out to regain their crate of ammo at its drop zone.
Naturally, the androids have also spotted the Joes' box and head toward it. Even more Action Force members arrive to assist in the repelling of the Cobra robots! Wheels and Doc (of Z-Force) are on the scene to aid Jammer and company!
Back at the border of Norway and Sweden, the Nano-B.A.T.s there have accomplished their mission: the retrieval of a huge caseload of "Compound Z" from the deserted Red Shadow base. With the mission completed the order is given to all Cobra androids to withdrawal. The last act of the English attack is to blow up the only case of "nano-disrupter" rounds.
In Lord's Woods, at the Action Force temporary field command, Duke relays the bad news to Hawk, as Skip debriefs Jammer. This leaves the G.I. Joe team with only 30 rounds of usable "Nano-B.A.T. killing" ammunition that still remains aboard the G.I. Joe C-130 with Wild Bill and Iceberg...
The story then shifts to Iceberg as he follows the retreating B.A.T.s to Greenland. There they'll hook up with their android cousins who stole the Red Shadows' "Compound Z".
Meanwhile, Hawk is handed a dossier with the picture of Iron Klaw pinned to the folder. Another "new threat" has emerged in Kalistan...!!!

Well, how awesome is it to see Action Force in comics again? I love it! I hope they keep putting more out there and I can't wait to see the introduction of S.K.A.R.!


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Re: Comics for 2013: "Duties as Assigned!"

Postby jamarmiller » 24 Sep 2013 09:26

I hope they show all the SKAR operatives too

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