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The annual Action Force, GI Joe & Transformers convention!
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Re: Action Force Convention

Postby Sundance » 27 Jul 2009 22:03

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Re: Action Force Convention

Postby Red Laser » 28 Jul 2009 08:17

Dave Tree wrote:
Andy1672 wrote:so is this gonna happen ?
I've been working pretty hard in the background on this, hence a lot of the questions/ polls.

Whilst some suggestions haven't been too helpful, the majority of responses have been great. My only worry about any of this though is the level of expectation from people.

I attend shows on average every two weeks for the last 5 years and see so much work go in to some of these along with a lot of money too. It is generally all taken for granted by punters, who sometimes whine and all you can say is 'well, could you have done any better?'

I'm prepared to give it a shot, but to minimise loss of money and have any hope in recouping costs, the show needs to be a little more. As much as I'd love to do a dedicated AF show, who would hands on heart actually turn up? We be lucky to hit 20 people from here (call it £5 for entry, £100 would contribute about 5% of the expected costs). The more niche the show, the less likely you'll attract the passer by. The new GI JOE film is what will help draw paople in, as would vintage Action Man and 90's Action Man, they are all inter-related so they have a better chance of appealing to a wider audience and in turn introduce them to the AF line if they have yet to to discover/ rediscover it.

I also believe that if something like this can get off the ground and is supported all round, the more chance you'll have of Hasbro taking notice of the UK and elements like the Red Shadows.


This makes sense Dave I do think we need to generate interest in other site's members as I pointed out before there are a few AF fans on joecustoms if we can get their interest but still have it as a BFTB ran convention we would get more numbers. For someone like Hasbro to get interested we would need more people to turn up from outside this site. Plus there are other members on here who seem to be inactive who may not be aware of any of this going on and maybe interested.
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