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by ODB
11 Jul 2009 14:47
Forum: Collections
Topic: Yes I Know it's a "Gobot" but....
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Re: Yes I Know it's a "Gobot" but....

the reason why characters never released over here were used in stories was because Simon Furman frequently didn't know which toys were being released in the UK and simply used whoever was being released in the US. several times he continued to use characters not released because they were popular....
by ODB
11 Jul 2009 14:36
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Memories as a kid
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Re: Memories as a kid

My memories include not liking the original line of Action Force apart from the SAS who were always the best. That all changed when an American family moved into the same road as me and he brought with him his American GI Joes and more importantly his Cobra's. They just seemed so much better than ou...
by ODB
11 Jul 2009 14:10
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Roll Call
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Re: Roll Call

Right I have finally caved into Mr Tree's demands and signed up to the site. I don't have too much AF stuff as I too pushed for space at the moment, but its on the list to collect. Plus I've heard its a bit of a laugh here too.

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