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by Chopper
10 Sep 2008 06:48
Forum: Action Force [Hasbro]
Topic: Action Force Member
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Re: Action Force Member

G'day Fella's. Been reading this thread with amusment. I joined the :sas: codename: Chopper, Never pick that eh? Back in the days before Duke was a twinkle in Hawk's eye. I was miffed when AF came out, the original Action Force groups were better and I was stuffed if some yank first sergent upstart ...
by Chopper
09 Feb 2005 06:19
Forum: Devil's Due
Topic: Devils Due statement
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Wouldn't it be cool if the Black Major, was seeking revenge on Cobra Commander again? Its been done in BAF, so why not?

Mark :major:
by Chopper
21 Jun 2004 12:35
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: BAF free figure issue
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Free Figure

I am pretty sure the poster and mini comic, came with it. I was living in New Zealand at the time that edition of Battle AF came out. It was the only way to get the AF figures over there. I bought the whole local News agents stock. I used the spares to trade of other kids at school, who also collect...