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by Goldbug
22 Dec 2007 02:51
Forum: Devil's Due
Topic: We did it!
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DDP doesnt have the issue up quite yet for sale at thier story so here is an alternative! the better sales are people the more well see of these guys! Ah Graham Crackers is my local comic shop. I guess I have a reason to stop by there. :) ...
by Goldbug
20 Aug 2007 03:37
Forum: Devil's Due
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I see Vaughn as possibly one leader of a number of Red Shadow cells. Being the more ambitious, the most senior member after Black Major & Red Jackal. Perhaps during Baron Ironblood's reign he could have been the U.S. cell leader. Kulik & Dela are his lieutenants. I personally hate them because they ...
by Goldbug
15 Jul 2007 11:03
Forum: Colouring Project
Topic: Create a Character to appear in the AF Comics-- Contest
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Well I suck at photoshop.
Here is my entry...


Here is my WIP figure of him...

by Goldbug
27 Jun 2007 10:16
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Guacho version 2
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Re: Guacho version 2

So I dont have an original Guacho so I always used this as my Guacho I didnt like it as my gung ho and it now is very different from the 25th anniversary Gungho so hes so much more than just a repaint now so does anyone else use this guy above as Guacho ...