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by DAMartin
16 Feb 2015 15:15
Forum: IDW
Topic: Red Shadows on the Exclusive Cover of GIJoe #212
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Re: Red Shadows on the Exclusive Cover of GIJoe #212

I have a question about the Transformer presence in the cover: I get that Bludgeon is there because he has a 3 3/4 fig released alongside :cobra: members, and I get that Shockwave and Starscream aren't there because they were released as vehicles, not figures. However, why Ravage isn't there? He was...
by DAMartin
15 Feb 2015 19:35
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: Your 'A' Squad
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Re: Your 'A' Squad

:duke: (v4, Battle Corps), :roadblock: (v2) :scarlett: (GI Joe vs Cobra) :snakes2: (v3 and/or Paris Pursuit) and :afstalker: (v2) as a base team with :hawk: (v2) giving them the missions, and adding whoever is needed for a specific kind of mission (e.g. Iceberg for the arctic, SEALs for the sea, nin...
by DAMartin
11 Feb 2015 18:18
Forum: GI Joe - Animated
Topic: SpyTroops script help
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Re: SpyTroops script help

I found a YouTube version and managed to activate its close captions, but it writes whole sentences as nonsense. At the end I just watched the movie as I had it in my USB drive, without subs.
by DAMartin
10 Feb 2015 15:45
Forum: IDW
Topic: IDW GI Joe (main title) ongoing
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Re: IDW GI Joe (main title) ongoing

The :enemy: story isn't part of the main title; the main IDW GI Joe title is in the same continuity as Origins, Cobra, Snake-Eyes, etc (I don't have idea which ones have been cancelled or replaced because I lost interest early on). The comic where the :enemy: appeared was the A Real American Hero ti...
by DAMartin
09 Feb 2015 19:33
Forum: GI Joe - Collector's Club
Topic: FSS 3.0 - Big Ben
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Re: FSS 3.0 - Big Ben

So Colonel Brekhov becomes Colonel Kremlin, and the first Chilean Joe will be codenamed Entel Tower :lol:
by DAMartin
09 Feb 2015 19:32
Forum: GI Joe - Animated
Topic: Last of the Razor Troopers?
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Last of the Razor Troopers?

Recently re-watching Valor vs Venom, I noticed a part near the end that confused me: When Venomous Maximus turns back into :hawk: the excedent chemical falls over the last remaining Razor Trooper. Now my question is: Anyone knows if the idea was that it was excedent antidote and it cured him, or it ...
by DAMartin
09 Feb 2015 19:18
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: gi joe Kre-o
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Re: gi joe Kre-o

I recently got the luck to find the Kre-O Checkpoint Alpha (with :law: , :order: and :firefly: ) plus a loose :bat: . Just like the Transformers kreons, they are well done, but the balljoints make them seem more frail than a Lego minifigure.
by DAMartin
07 Jan 2015 19:17
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: new Joe brand manager
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Re: new Joe brand manager

I'm guessing that they'll be moving the brand into the same area as the Disney/Marvel Infinities games & figurines. You'll be able to play as the characters & vehicles when you purchase the toys, in fact, I'm surprise they haven't tried it with Transformers already. Actually, the new Robots in Disg...
by DAMartin
05 Jan 2015 13:25
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Triad fighters
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Re: Triad fighters

What came first? The Triad Fighter or Darkseid's Destroyer?
by DAMartin
28 Dec 2014 15:08
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Advice needed
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Re: Advice needed

Free :hyena: , photograph him in action, show the pics here, profit! (well, emotional profit ;-) )