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by gung-hoeddie
12 Feb 2009 22:21
Forum: Action Force [Hasbro]
Topic: 'broke' figures
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Re: 'broke' figures

i believe i've got some hooks in a bag somewhere, i'll have a look tomorrow sundance and pm you.
by gung-hoeddie
12 Feb 2009 21:51
Forum: Action Man [Palitoy]
Topic: Action Man - my latest love!
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Re: Action Man - my latest love!

action man is cool. When i see them in reminds me of my childhood so much, i had a fair few action men, some from the seventies and a few eagle eyes, my mother used to make jeans and t shirts for them, she would say 'they can't be soldiers all the time edward! I don't remember what i did with them, ...
by gung-hoeddie
11 Feb 2009 21:55
Forum: GI Joe
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has hotwire come from the gi joe german range? The mullet is class!
by gung-hoeddie
21 Dec 2008 19:31
Forum: Action Force [Hasbro]
Topic: AF T-shirt
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Re: AF T-shirt

cool! Can i ask where i can get one? Or at least one that will fit my rather rotund frame?