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by Shadow_Contact
31 May 2010 00:06
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: 1992 convention Figures. Blades,Moondancer, Stalker, Quarrel
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Re: 1992 convention exclusives Blades, Moondancer and Stalke

Dont you love that they didnt even get complete accessories. Moondancer is missing the Ammo Drum for his Grenade Launcher and his Anti-Armor didnt even get a missile. And Blades didnt get the Mines for his laucher
by Shadow_Contact
30 May 2010 23:49
Forum: Links
Topic: Slayer Designs
Replies: 21
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Re: Tr-gate Creations

Looks great man! It seems like every Neo Viper I get is bow legged, for your custom did you straighten yours somehow?
by Shadow_Contact
30 May 2010 22:43
Forum: Polls
Topic: Red Jackal or Destro
Replies: 6
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Re: Red Jackal or Destro

I vote Red Jackal.
He doesnt have enough waxed chest showing to be destro.
by Shadow_Contact
30 May 2010 06:36
Forum: Chat
Topic: Collector-mania
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Re: Collector-mania

That's not Janeway thats Mrs. Columbo!
by Shadow_Contact
24 May 2010 12:32
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: City Strike Scarlett
Replies: 11
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Re: City Strike Scarlett

Great Score! Ive got the Desert Battle Ripcord and Artic Assault Duke. I'm hoping to find a few More reasonably priced Figures and I think CS Scarlett is #1 now
by Shadow_Contact
24 May 2010 12:24
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: Canadian super hero?
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Re: Canadian super hero?

I know Wheeler posted the answer in alt.Toys.Joes.1980's (Cant remember anymore, crap who still uses newsgroups.) Only thing I know is that all the figures I got from canadians had no Accesories or Filecards and were sealed in Hasbro Mail-In Bags.
by Shadow_Contact
24 May 2010 12:08
Forum: Spares
Topic: 76 issues of Battle Action Force & a Holiday Special
Replies: 10
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Re: 76 issues of Battle Action Force & a Holiday Special

How much do you think it would cost to ship to the U.S.?
by Shadow_Contact
05 May 2010 20:21
Forum: IDW
Topic: GI Joe #155 1/2
Replies: 16
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Re: GI Joe #155 1/2

it was indeed classic larry hama, good read, im on the fence though, the minute it contradicts DDP im out. Im hoping it doesnt majorily contradict DDP though as Id like to continue reading it, felt like the GI JOE i grew up with for sure Havent read the issue yet, But I totally agree with jamar. I ...
by Shadow_Contact
05 May 2010 20:15
Forum: Fun Publications
Topic: Joe-con comic
Replies: 125
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Re: Joe-con comic

Guys has anyone written a review of the story? I'm interested just wondering if its worth tracking down.
by Shadow_Contact
05 May 2010 20:05
Forum: Polls
Topic: Red Shadow Assassins
Replies: 8
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Re: Red Shadow Assassins

I say paint her Dark Gray with red Armor and add Black to some of the shoulder armor.

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