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by Muton
19 Mar 2009 10:07
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: Action Force...
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Re: Action Force...

The BAF comics clearly show the world united against the terrorists. Hence the space piolt being a cosmonaught, and the later October Guards etc.
I would love to see a few North Korean characters based on Team America....
by Muton
17 Mar 2009 10:49
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: More pics of vehicles and figures
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Re: More pics of vehicles and figures

Great pics, I love the transvestite Baron, I always thought that goatee was drawn on!
As regards the 'lip' on the minesweeper helmet, it's avariation of the US paratrooper wave 1 helmet. It's the chinstrap to the helmet liner, an explaination can be found here:
by Muton
12 Mar 2009 19:33
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Red Shadow Variant
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Re: Red Shadow Variant

The shadows with the equipment straps painted all the way up (which makes more sense!) seem to be a bit rarer, and I agree with the Baron they look a bit better too!
by Muton
10 Mar 2009 10:18
Forum: Action Man [Palitoy]
Topic: Update on my AF/AM Counterparts Collection.
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Re: Update on my AF/AM Counterparts Collection.

Very nice! If I had somewhere to display them I'd be massivel tempted to do the same thing!
by Muton
01 Mar 2009 00:15
Forum: BFTB - 6th Anniversary
Topic: F-Force????? Probably not...?
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Re: F-Force????? Probably not...?

An interesting discussion. I think the logic of Babyjelly's first post is rather sound. Perhaps because we are familiar with :zforce: :qforce: when we see 'F' on a sticker we make a connection which isn't there. A logical leap that only can be made with hindsight. And - it has to be said that the tr...
by Muton
28 Feb 2009 13:33
Forum: GI Joe
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The Baron wrote:I like the definition of bowels as being internal.
The BBC website frequently puts rediculously obvious information like that into its stories. (just in case you were worried about your external bowels).
by Muton
28 Feb 2009 10:09
Forum: BFTB - 6th Anniversary
Topic: NewsFlash!
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Re: NewsFlash!

I still can't understand why...
by Muton
19 Feb 2009 20:45
Forum: Muton World Tour
Topic: Mutour II - Preliminary hearing
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Re: Mutour II - Preliminary hearing

I'd love to join in too! At my house he'd be in company of many, many Mutons!
by Muton
14 Feb 2009 00:05
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Straight limb figures?
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Re: Straight limb figures?

As someone with no interest in playing with these things I much prefer the straight limbs. There's no disguising a rivet or ball joint. The jointed figures are certainly very posable, but the more posable they get, the less they look like people, which is after all what they're supposed to be. The 2...
by Muton
06 Feb 2009 19:22
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: MOC Z Force Minesweeper
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Re: MOC Z Force Minesweeper

I don't have a minesweeper at all, but I do have something rarer!
A MOC muton, and I'll reluctantly trade it for one of you minesweepers..