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by Chopper
07 Mar 2018 23:25
Forum: Other
Topic: Invasion 1984 - Storm Squad
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Re: Invasion 1984 - Storm Squad

Invasion: 1984 was one of my favorites. I never understood why it wasn't so popular. Good story, great art.... pure BAF.
by Chopper
25 Feb 2018 22:53
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: Operation Bloodhound - Red Shadow Air Cushion Landing Craft
Replies: 406
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Re: Operation Bloodhound - Red Shadow Air Cushion Landing Craft

Still bloody hard to tell which way is up.
by Chopper
19 Feb 2018 23:28
Forum: Battle
Topic: Charley's War: The End
Replies: 10
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Re: Charley's War: The End

I have only found the final CW hardback in Australia, so far. Time to pull finger and get the rest, I guess.
by Chopper
21 Jan 2018 21:59
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Z Force Wave 4 Vehicle Sketch
Replies: 60
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Re: Z Force Wave 4 Vehicle Sketch

And still as perplexing.
by Chopper
06 Dec 2017 23:35
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Rebuilding a Collection
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Re: Rebuilding a Collection

Similar boat, same answers as Olly. I have a complete loose collection, vehicles and figures, and just been buying the odd MOC or MIB from time to time. TBH I don't think I will ever go too far with the carded stuff it is just too cost prohibitive being in Australia. You won't have the same kind of ...
by Chopper
03 Dec 2017 23:26
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: Skip!
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Re: Skip!

Oh mama.
by Chopper
26 Oct 2017 01:15
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: Action Man Catalogue Posters (1993+)..
Replies: 4
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Re: Action Man Catalogue Posters (1993+)..

MAM is a bit underrated IMHO. There was some rubbish, but there were some gems too. Altitude attak is just brilliant.
by Chopper
26 Oct 2017 01:12
Forum: Action Man [Palitoy]
Topic: 40th Hands Melting Vintage Plastic!
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Re: 40th Hands Melting Vintage Plastic!

I haven't heard of this being an issue in a few years, I suspect ML and Cotswold have it right now. I need to get a few too. Some of my VAM can't pick their noses. :-)
by Chopper
03 Oct 2017 23:54
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Green binoculars
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Re: Green binoculars


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