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by Claymore
06 Apr 2018 20:47
Forum: Battle
Topic: invasion 1984 2nd issue
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invasion 1984 2nd issue let me know if you want more
by Claymore
07 Mar 2018 21:55
Forum: Battle
Topic: Invasion 1984 - Storm Squad
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Invasion 1984 - Storm Squad

Giant Alien spaceships appear over the earth they quickly prove to be hostile devastating cities around the world, in desperation the last remnants of the military launch a nuclear attack only to find the ships have an impenetrable force field. Can anything prevent the destruction of the human race,...
by Claymore
28 Feb 2018 15:34
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: comics offline
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comics offline

is there any way to download and view the BFTB classic comics offline ?
by Claymore
20 Feb 2018 14:39
Forum: Rising Sun Comics
Topic: Action Force - The Complete Works
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Re: Action Force - The Complete Works

any update on this or is the hope for a printed version of the BFTB collected stories well and truely over

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