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by Stormer
05 Aug 2017 07:16
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: JoeDeclassifieds Sightline
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Re: JoeDeclassifieds Sightline

I've been looking out to see if any would make it to the UK. Despite being predominantly an o-ring guy I bought the vehicle set Hasbro released their Sightline with purely for that figure, plus got one of Raginspoon's custom cast Gary heads to put on it -- I was unaware of Mr Goggles before he came ...
by Stormer
13 May 2017 02:04
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: Skip!
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The Collectors' Club has revealed the lineup for the 6th wave of subscription figures, and it includes Skip! Pretty sure this is the first non-o-ring Palitoy character to get the modern construction treatment...?
by Stormer
20 Jun 2016 22:02
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: 2016 lineup
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Re: 2016 lineup

This is great, espeically considering the general expectation there would be no product outside the Club and SDCC this year. Pretty inevitable they'd do yet more versions of the old standards, though kudos to Hasbro for not doing another Cobra Commander. I'm not personally a fan of the modern constr...
by Stormer
20 Jun 2016 21:42
Forum: Roll Out Roll Call
Topic: Roll Out Roll Call at Heathrow
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Re: Roll Out Roll Call at Heathrow

Barring an email telling me it was done in error, I've apparently been granted leave at last and should be at the show Fri-Sun! Which is fortunate because the hotel has been booked for months... I'll be there with my better half, Paula, along with one of her co-hosts from the Back To The Eighties po...
by Stormer
28 Sep 2015 22:33
Forum: Roll Out Roll Call
Topic: Roll on Roll Off 5 - Register
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Re: Roll on Roll Off 5 - Register

It was looking a bit dodgy for a while but I got a shift-swap sorted and the hotel is now booked! Which is nice, what with having bought a weekend ticket as soon as they became available...! So I'll be around, once again with my other half Paula who was dressed as She-Ra last year and will be a rela...
by Stormer
21 Mar 2015 07:43
Forum: Roll Out Roll Call
Topic: Raginspoon RORC Exclusive 2014
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Re: Raginspoon RORC Exclusive 2014

The boxes are here?! I'd best get down to the shop...! I'll be there on Thursday for the games club at the latest!
by Stormer
19 Sep 2014 06:08
Forum: Roll Out Roll Call
Topic: Roll Call for Roll Call 2014
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Re: Roll Call for Roll Call 2014

Having failed to get back into the online community following the last show (I'll blame moving house...) I'm going to give the real-world version another go. Hopefully this year I'll be a little more with-it rather than experiencing everything through a haze of sleep deprivation (came directly from ...