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by DAMartin
14 May 2018 01:24
Forum: GI Joe - Collector's Club
Topic: Joecon Customs Class figure reveal
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Re: Joecon Customs Class figure reveal

Aw, I get that getting a :enemy: as the custom class exclusive creates good synergy with the upcoming Collector's Club :laser: , but making it specifically a :shadow: soldier makes very difficult to army-build them, even for attendants.
by DAMartin
12 Feb 2018 22:51
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: Action Man movie!
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Re: Action Man movie!

Just like the Max Steel movie was based on the current half-alien superhero rather than the 90s son of Big Jim, I guess this new movie will be based on Ian Noble rather than Matthew Exler or other prior versions.
by DAMartin
07 Dec 2017 23:47
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: Action Man Episode 19 : Space Walk
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Re: Action Man Episode 19 : Space Walk

I had recently found AM in spanish on Youtube, and shortly after rewatching "Deja Vu" I came to this thread and thought "maybe someone uploaded the series in English too" so I sought and found "Space Walk" in English so you can watch it.
by DAMartin
04 Dec 2017 22:10
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: Skip!
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Re: Skip!

So good to see that all :zforce: members, despite their new versions being made a lot of time apart, keep the same shades of green and red (or at least similar enough). And while not exactly :originalaf: related, Kangor is another former international exclusive who will get his due, pet kangaroo inc...
by DAMartin
08 Nov 2017 01:08
Forum: Action Force [Palitoy]
Topic: Action Force mug
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Re: Action Force mug

Great! A (hypotetical) downscaled version would be a perfect companion to :hawk: 's G.I. JOE mug from the Pit playset.
by DAMartin
08 Nov 2017 00:52
Forum: GI Joe - Animated
Topic: Where would Screaming Eagles fit in the comics' timeline
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Where would Screaming Eagles fit in the comics' timeline

I recently got Sgt Savage with the "Old Soldiers Never Die" videotape, and since it's an animated work, it most likely belongs to the animated continuity, after the DiC seasons but before Extreme. However, since no specific prior stories are mentioned, and Savage is mentioned as part of G.I. Joe dur...
by DAMartin
03 Nov 2017 16:59
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: RED WOLF : Declassified
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Re: RED WOLF : Declassified

Wikipedia says Redwolf is Arklovian (Irish) instead of Apache (American). May it be the result of different sources?
by DAMartin
08 May 2017 15:40
Forum: IDW
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Specially becuse these troopers look a lot like Iron Grenadiers.
by DAMartin
05 Sep 2016 19:42
Forum: Action Man [Hasbro]
Topic: First Sample of the New IDW Action Man comic!
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Re: First Sample of the New IDW Action Man comic!

I know it's rushed, but given the slow pace of other comicbooks nowadays, it's a breath of fresh air.
I wonder if the cyborg scientist is a new character or the modern version of either Dr X or Gangrene. He kinda reminds me to Dr X at the beginning of the Mainframe series.
by DAMartin
18 Aug 2016 17:18
Forum: IDW
Topic: M.A.S.K. Deployed By IDW !!!
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Re: M.A.S.K. Deployed By IDW !!!

I think IDW expected the controversy for Matt's black hair, to take our sights away from shade-less Brad Turner and clean-shaven Sly Rax.