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by Lethal Katana
22 Dec 2017 10:31
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: Skip!
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Re: Skip!

Looking at these photos, makes me wish I could walk in to the nearest toy shop and buy all new versions, off the peg all again.
Very jealous, but very happy to see them being made.
Also very thankful for you guy for sharing the pics!

by Lethal Katana
02 Mar 2017 20:23
Forum: IDW
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I know it's been a while since I posted, but I thought you all should know... ...after 30+ years... ...BARON IRONBLOOD has returned, in Revolutionaries #2!!! He is co-leading the Red Shadows with Dr. X II (who is a woman, as you may know). The Red Shadows are now the Red Ninjas of the Arashikage (t...
by Lethal Katana
25 Feb 2016 20:20
Forum: Battle - Storm Force
Topic: BFTB13
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Re: BFTB13

Indeed. It was scanning Battle comics that started this whole shebang, and here I am again. Storm Force didn't end with the demise of Battle though, the strip was transferred to Eagle where it ran right up until the penultimate issue - there's tons I haven't read. I've managed to collect them all n...
by Lethal Katana
25 Feb 2016 20:05
Forum: Battle - Action Force
Topic: Battle Action Force - original line art
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Re: Battle Action Force - original line art

Thanks for sharing these! They are fabulous. Are they John Cooper?