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by laney
20 Oct 2009 21:50
Forum: Wants
Topic: hiss tanks
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Re: hiss tanks

The red hiss tank comes from the Ultimate Battle Pack.... which also includes another old favorite. ... 3c9f39587a
by laney
25 Jun 2009 21:28
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: GI Joe Movie Figures
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Re: GI Joe Movie Figures

I dont think that they are in all Toysrus, I saw them in the one in Stockport, yet my friend went to the one in Bolton & there was nothing there.

Does look promising that we will finally see GI Joe figures back on sale in the UK swooner rather than later.
by laney
25 Jun 2009 20:20
Forum: GI Joe
Topic: GI Joe Movie Figures
Replies: 28
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GI Joe Movie Figures

Just a quick update for all of those of you interested in the GI Joe Movie figures. I was in Toysrus at dinner today & they have on the shelf the small vehicles for sale. They included MOLE, the snow mobile a one man tank type thing & a quad bike. All with a figure included. :mrgreen: No price was o...
by laney
04 Apr 2009 10:15
Forum: Wants
Topic: wanted figures.....
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Re: wanted figures.....

Hi Ross,

Was in any variation of Firefly or a specific one?


by laney
17 Mar 2009 22:17
Forum: Other
Topic: Ladybird AF books
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Re: Ladybird AF books

The one with Wild Bill on the cover is called Action Force Go West. I was watching the only one I have seen on ebay but missed the end of the auction. This is the only one I need to also complete the run, but ...
by laney
16 Mar 2009 21:31
Forum: Chat
Topic: Ebay - Overcharing on postage
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Re: Ebay - Overcharing on postage

I recently had this discussion with the Mrs..... I honestly believe that if the amount is stated in the listing that there is no way that you can claim that overcharging has taken place. By all means if the p&p wasn't in the listing, and you feel that you have been over charged, you should be asking...
by laney
25 Jan 2009 18:18
Forum: Spares
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Before I list these on Evil-bay i thought I would give you guys first refusals on the following MOC 25th figures- Wraith (Non-Variant) Beach-head Cobra Commander Cobra Paratrooper Cobra Bazooka Trooper Cobra Diver/ Underwater Trooper (Red) Firefly vs Stormshadow Comic Pack All are un-opened. All rea...
by laney
14 Jan 2009 23:39
Forum: Marvel
Topic: K.I.A
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Re: K.I.A

This link should answer your questions :kraken: ... s#G.I._Joe
by laney
18 Dec 2008 23:09
Forum: Collections
Topic: Cobra - The collection
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Re: Cobra - The collection

Truly amazing collection Jonesy. I never fail to be amazed at how vast some peoples collections are, & when you mix it up with the number of 'rare' figures.............. Gobsmacked. - On the Snowjob front: Who on here owns just the cardback? I know someone here does, I can't remember who. :doc: :doc...
by laney
16 Oct 2008 22:05
Forum: Chat
Topic: What figure can you never seem to win on ebay
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Re: What figure can you never seem to win on ebay

Any AF/Cobra carded figures at a decent price....

I always seem to either miss them completely or find them at the start of the auction & miss the end of it :roll:

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